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Loudmouth Golf is an American sportswear company known for "flamboyant" trousers and brightly colored sports outfits popularized by golfer John Daly and the Norwegian Olympic curling team.


As a company with a fondness for bright colors ourselves, we always admired Loudmouth. So we set out on a mission to track them down and make them an offer they couldn’t refuse. We bombarded them with evidence of our loud tastes until eventually they admitted that they loved our designs and agreed that they needed mobile urgently. They threw in free trousers as a deal sweetener.


The site was built in three weeks using Moovweb’s technology, and Loudmouth got the high-design, high- caliber commerce site they deserve. Loudmouth continue to be impressed with the way the site handles deep linking from their many email campaigns. And everyone asks us where we got our pink trousers.