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App Group
  • Project Type:Mobify PWA
  • Project URL:mackage.com / saoi&kyo.com
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APP Group is a Montreal-based luxury apparel company which owns the brands Mackage and Soia and Kyo. The brand is highly sought after and is available in major luxury retailers throughout the US, Canada and Europe.


APP Group wanted to make the quality of their mobile presence match the quality of their core products. They had a passable mobile site at the time but despite that they came to Mobify and 64Labs looking for the best and highest quality mobile experience available. And they got it with a Mobify PWA.


Mackage and Soia and Kyo (both Salesforce Commerce Cloud) were built as full API-driven Mobify PWAs in under 14 weeks with the hard deadline of the cold season in North America breathing down everyone’s neck. The two brands have locales and currencies in US, Canada and Europe with full functioning ecommerce in multiple languages and currencies.