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Tampa, FL 33607

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DEX Imaging is a major document imaging dealer based in Tampa, FL, with 26 locations in Florida, Tennessee, Maryland, Alabama and Mississippi.


Dex came to 64labs with a challenge. The sales team hated the waste involved in completing an order for a client. Paperwork had to be filled out in triplicate, forms had to be completed or manually changed because they didn’t really ask the right questions. And after all that, the forms had to be sent and entered into a system at head office. It seemed to everyone that there must be a more efficient and modern way to do this.


64labs architected and built a Windows 8 application to solve Dex’s paperwork problem. We worked with the Dex team to understand their workflows and what was required to get a sale through their system. After three months work, the moment of truth came when a salesman, using the technology for the first time, cut his order completion admin time from 70 minutes to 15.