Our Work

  • Delivered using the Moovweb platform

YDesign Group is an online-led retailer offering the best in modern and contemporary lighting, furnishings, and decorative plumbing to design driven consumers and trade professionals. YLighting, the company’s flagship brand that launched in 2001, is the leading modern lighting retailer in the US and offers more than 10,000 designs from top international brands.


It reflects the satisfaction of the 64Labs client Lumens that when Y Design and Lumens merged in 2017 the new company decided to utilise Moovweb for the Y Design sites in order to give them the same codebase as Lumens flagship mobile site.


64Labs took the opportunity to upgrade the designs and versions for the Lumens Moovweb implementation and port the result to two Y Design sites while they were in the middle of an ecommerce platform switch to Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Not for the faint of heart. The project was completed successfully, with mobile following the tight schedule of the ecommerce platform development and co-ordinating well enough for mobile to launch simultaneously to desktop for the new sites.