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You don’t want a solution that will need to be rebuilt every six months. You need a partner who can guide you now and keep you up to date forever. We can implement proven, trusted mobile technologies as well as full responsive solutions used by major companies worldwide. We choose the tool to suit the challenge you face.

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We belong to you

You’ve taken a lot of calls from vendors over the past couple of years. We have worked in mobile long enough to know the strengths and weaknesses of every vendor and every solution. Our perspective and experience with all the major players in mobile optimization can save you months of headaches and tens of thousands of dollars. We know our way around Websphere, ATG, Magento, Hybris, Demandware and many other ecommerce systems. Our knowledge of the risks and rewards of responsive design can bring you to the cutting edge in mobile and desktop. We want to use what we know to help you succeed.

Our leadership team

John Duncan


John has worked in leading positions in ecommerce technology implementation for nearly 10 years and at 64Labs is accountable for making sure every customer is happy with the work we do for them.

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Eric Holler


Eric’s original expertise is user experience but at 64Labs he is the glue that holds project management, development and operations together so we can get things done on time and on budget for our clients.

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Steve Brown

VP of Project Management

Steve spent most of his career delivering major web projects for telecom companies and his agility, experience, planning skills and strength of character are evident in every piece of work we deliver to customers.

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Chris Anderson

VP of Engineering

Chris has the hardest job in the company, managing a rapidly growing group of highly creative Javascript developers and making sure his team are always in a position to keep the promises we make to our clients.

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