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Change on the web is rapid and relentless. We started 64labs so we could help businesses connect with customers on every device from smart phones, to tablets, to desktop. Our services can help you solve a broad range of problems and allow you to focus on running your business. That’s what partners are for.

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Our services

  • Progressive web apps

    The next generation of website architecture is here. Driven by dissatisfaction about mobile site speeds, Google championed the progressive web application as the way forward. Good mobile PWAs seem to load content instantly, even on poor connections, cutting typical user journeys by up to half. Now we are seeing responsive PWAs deliver instant web experiences to desktop users too.

  • Mobile consulting

    When you’re looking for a mobile solution there are a lot of options. We know all of them inside and out. We know what they cost, what questions you need to ask, how much you should expect to pay. Going mobile is a big decision. We help you separate the facts from the sales spiel and analyze how well each solution will work for you.

  • Mobile implementation

    When it comes to building a mobile site, we are platform neutral. We can implement and maintain any of the current mobile web technologies, or build from custom APIs. Our build process is efficient and transparent, using an agile technique called scrum. Choosing the technology is only half the battle, and getting the right partner is just as important.

  • Iterative A/B testing

    Building a mobile or tablet site is just the beginning. Improving conversions is a constant battle and one that requires an experienced testing partner. 64Labs has established itself as one of the leading retail A/B test companies with clients such as Charlotte Russe, GNC and Vital Choice all trusting our services to generate mobile insights and act on them.

  • Responsive web

    If your desktop website is looking a little dated. If it’s impossible to navigate easily on a mobile device. Now might be the time to consider a full responsive redesign. We will rebuild your site so that your customers experience an optimized version on every device. And we maintain it to ensure that you stay current as responsive web continues to evolve.

  • Tablet optimization

    Your desktop may work pretty well on tablet. But it can always do better. We can add touch friendly navigation and resize page elements to take advantage of the format. If your site is underperforming on tablet, we can build and A/B test tablet-specific designs that may eventually be used to improve the quality of your desktop website.

Technology partners

64labs leverages industry leading software and infrastructure partners to deliver the right web solutions for our clients. Delivering these solutions require us to use flexible, scalable and dependable solutions. Some of our technology partners include: