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Chicos website shown on tablet device with the beach in the background
White House Black Market website shown on tablet device

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a/b testing, responsive

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Chicos is one of the biggest clothing retail brands in the US with 1,084 women's clothing stores, including stores in 48 states, Washington D.C., the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico.


Chico’s had tested the waters with a tablet site for White House Black Market, but were hesitating on the remaining brands. Chico’s wanted to be clear about the likely return on investment, and there just wasn’t enough high-quality, reliable data to make the case.


Moovweb asked 64labs to set up an A/B test to shed light on how much value Chico’s might be leaving on the table by not optimizing the remaining brands. We split traffic 50-50 and tested the www site on tablet, putting it head to head with Moovweb’s tablet-optimized site, and after two weeks the results were clear. The company immediately commissioned a new tablet site for Chico’s. Post launch, Chico’s FAS has hired 64labs for user experience design work to help them build new functionality into tablet and mobile.