3507 E. Frontage Rd, Suite 100

Tampa, FL 33607

Paula's Choice website shown on mobile device with skincare products in the background

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mobify pwa, mobile web

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Paula’s Choice is a Seattle based global producer and distributor of skincare products and cosmetics. The company was founded in 1994 with a mission to put scientific fact into beauty products and only use ingredients that had been subjected to peer reviewed research.


More than any other Mobify client, Paula’s Choice came to the table in the early days of PWAs with a belief in doing whatever it took to be the best they could be for their customers. They were dissatisfied with a mobile site that was actually above average but still left users frustrated with page speeds and navigation speed bumps. It wasn’t good enough.


Paula’s Choice was an early adopter of Mobify’s PWA platform and one of the first partner built PWAs Mobify commissioned. 64Labs has maintained a close relationship to the retailer since then and undertook further PWA work for the brand two years after the initial groundbreaking site.