3507 E. Frontage Rd, Suite 100

Tampa, FL 33607

Retro Fitness website shown on mobile device with work out equipment in the background

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responsive, mobile web, gatsby

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Retro Fitness was founded in 2002 in New Jersey and began franchising in 2006. There are now more than 150 Retro Fitness gyms around the US.


Retro wanted their online joining process to look as cool as their new (very red and orange) website. But the process was run by a technology partner servicing thousands of gyms and unable to provide a custom look and feel for every one of those clients.


64Labs had worked with that partner before and gained special privileges to work with their technology and help their customers get more control over the Join system they provided. Retro asked for a custom API Join process and 64Labs obliged building out a Gatsby Join process for Retro that gives them a super-fast site experience for joining customers. Retro is now as ultra modern as you can get.