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Tampa, FL 33607

YouFit Health Clubs website shown on mobile device with gym background

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gatsby, a/b testing, responsive

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Youfit Health Clubs, headquartered in Florida, is a rapidly growing health club chain with more than 100 clubs in 11 states. Youfit’s goal is to create a friendly workout atmosphere for all fitness levels at an affordable price.


64Labs had built the original Youfit website in 2013 as a project rescue and had added and improved the site over the following years. The site had done its job and was widely recognized as the gold standard by rivals. Youfit were not keen on resting on their laurels however and charged 64Labs with a complete rebuild of the site to make it faster and more modern.


64labs conceived and built a new site built with ultra-modern web technology Gatsby.js that blew the socks off the performance of the original site. The site uses Contentful as CMS, Netlify for hosting and Gatsby for site architecture and was lauded by Gatsby themselves for increasing conversions on the site by 60%.